The Nautica propeller range is designed for relatively slow boats: fishing boats, trawlers, sailing yachts, motorsailers, survey vessels, etc. – up to around 14 knots in speed, giving exceptional performance at low speed with increased trawling force.


    Most commonly used type of custom made propellers for medium speed range (20-30kn) luxury yachts, displacement and planing vessels.


    The MRK Superprop is a specific propeller option for high speed vessels (35kn+ sport boats, patrol crafts) and is custom designed range created to provide the ultimate in performance at sea. These propellers are individually tailored to a particular vessel’s specification. The unique profiles are then optimised to deliver maximum speed, responsiveness and efficiency.


    The MRK Pilot is designed specifically for workboats, in particular, pilot boats. They are individually tailored to a specific boat, and designed to withstand the rugged environment that workboats encounter. The profiles are optimised for efficiency and speed while ensuring cavitation erosion is minimised.


For keyed hub-shaft connections CJR offers a hydraulic pusher/puller for quick and simple coupling and propeller attachment as well as Propsmith, a mechanical system for easy propeller fitting and removal.

Keyless shaft-hub connections can be serviced by hydraulic fit equipment also available at CJR.


CJR is committed to providing propellers that outperform expectations. In order to analyse the performance of our propellers in the field, we have developed a sea trials system, TrialsAPP that can be used in trials. We aim to constantly evolve and improve the design to increase efficiency and top speed as well as reducing noise and vibration, TrialsAPP provides comprehensive data on the main sources of vibration and the overall yacht performance.

CJR also repair and replace existing designs of propellers. Standard CJR designs of propellers are still available for a vessel requiring a replacement.

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