Our Nautica propeller range is designed for vessels looking for exceptional performance at lower speeds, making it ideally suited for fishing boats, trawlers, sailing yachts, displacement motor yachts or survey vessels.


    Our MRK Revolution propeller range is our most popular custom-made solution, designed for vessels looking for minimal noise and vibration at a medium speed range of 20-30 knots). It is particularly popular with large luxury yachts, semi-displacement and planing production motorboat builders.


    The MRK Superprop range has been developed specifically for high speed vessels (32 knots+ sport boats, sports fish boats and patrol craft) and provides the ultimate in performance at sea. After the props are tailored to the particular vessel’s specification, the unique profiles are then optimised to deliver maximum speed, responsiveness and efficiency.


    The MRK Pilot is designed specifically for workboats, in particular, pilot boats. These props are designed to withstand the rugged environment that workboats encounter. The propeller profiles are optimised for efficiency and speed while ensuring cavitation erosion is controlled.

Rapid Design and Manufacturing for Propellers

CJR has recently launched a rapid turnaround service offering bespoke, fully optimised Class-S propellers in just 14 days or less. Designed for propellers up to 1500mm in diameter, our replacement propeller services can save as much as three months from the typical replacement timeline. For more information, visit our dedicated Rapid Turnaround page.

3D scanning and reverse engineering

Replacing a single damaged prop is now significantly easier, quicker and more cost-effective with CJR. Our ability to 3D scan and reverse engineer any propeller to the highest degrees of accuracy is yet another reason to choose CJR. For more information, visit our dedicated 3D scanning page.

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