Cellular manufacturing based on lean manufacturing principles provides flexible work cells that can not only deliver our standard range of product through quick changeover but can also adapt to accommodate a whole range of customer bespoke designs. Our products are manufactured within distinct product cells:

  • Shaft cell, rudder cell, P bracket cell, coupling cell, propeller machining and finishing cell, robot finishing cell, general turned and milled component cell

Having already invested heavily in state of the art multi-tasking, CNC machine tools, (well over £3M to date) we are in the enviable position of being able to offer our customers high-quality stern gear components and systems at the right cost and lead time.

  • Utilizing state of the art machinery that allows single-setup manufacture provides the key to our “done-in-one” manufacturing philosophy.
  • This equipment allows precision parts to be manufactured throughout the full size range of sterngear components that we produce.


CNC tool-path programs are produced by combining the best from two different programming philosophies: Online & Offline programming.

  • Online programming performed at the machine, using operator friendly conversational control systems that deliver medium complexity parts with fast turn-around for manufacture.
  • Offline PC based programming and verification software is used for the generation part programs for complex surfaces, such as those used for propeller blade machining, where simultaneous 5 axis movements are required.

Manufacturing material supply is driven and pulled by both, MRP and Vendor supplied Kanban.


  • Our experienced manufacturing professionals provide the engineering support and “knowhow” to design, manufacture and offer customer support, drawing on skills and experience gained not only within the marine but also other industry sectors such as automotive, aerospace, mould and die.
  • Our highly skilled CNC machine personnel know how to get the best results from our machines, uniquely understand each product and take personal pride in what they produce.

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