Custom Assemblies

  • Cast Rudders

    Cast in a single piece in either aluminium bronze or high tensile bronze, before the stocks are fully machined in our CNC machining centre for adherence to the required tolerances and ensuring optimum fit.

  • Bolt on stock

    Bolt on stock rudders follow the same quality-centric approach as our cast rudders but with a bolt on stock for easy replacement and repair of the blade if it gets damaged.  The stock and blade are fitted with flanges with a ring of bolts which usually fits into a recess in the hull to minimise drag.

  • Fabricated

    Fabricated single plate or streamlined NACA shape rudders are manufactured and welded in stainless steel or mild steel and can offer a notable weight saving for large vessels.  All welding is carried out by Class Society coded welders and all our rudder types can be manufactured to major Classification Society requirements

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