What a year…

2018 has been another year of growth for CJR Propulsion and CJR Fabrication, penetrating new markets and expanding every area of the business.

Continuing strong demand from new and existing customers alike has enabled significant investments to be made and improvements to design, prototyping and production timelines are already paying dividends.

Mark Russell, CJR Propulsion’s managing director added: “One of the most enthusing developments in 2018 has been the growing diversification of our offer and the interest we’re seeing in projects requiring significant levels of technical consulting and precision engineering. Our investments in R&D, CFD, advanced analytical and manufacturing tools, and most importantly our team, reflects the current needs of our customer base and the direction of the business.”

2018 project recap

  • Expanded into the Turkish market; 4 x pilot boats / 2 ambulance boats / 1 x 55m superyacht /
    5 x 35m superyachts / 2 x hybrid yachts
  • More than 550 pairs of propellers for production motoryacht builders around the world
  • More than 1,000 complete shaftlines and propellers shaftlines / brackets to production boatbuilders
  • 100+ 3D printed patterns
  • More than 300 fully CNC machined Class S propellers
  • More than 50 complete superyacht sterngear packages, including our largest to date for a 175’ GRP superyacht
  • 12 lateral vibration analysis
  • 25 customer sea-trials and vibration measurements
  • Sterngear for 2 classic yacht refits
  • And…a set of aluminium two blade propellers