Turn to CJR Fabrication for design engineering

CJR Fabrication’s design and engineering capabilities have been drawing the attention of a number of boatbuilders, with recent projects highlighting that there is a lot more to the Dorset-based marine specialist than handrails and staircases.

Reflecting on the nature of its current order book, CJR Fabrication’s general manager, Michelle Davies, explains why it is becoming the supplier of choice for commercial, recreational and superyacht brands in need of innovative solutions.

“In the past five years, CJR Fabrication has changed a lot. We have always been known for our ability to turn projects around quickly, supporting clients with a flexible and personal service, but in recent years the percentage of our work that requires bespoke 3D design and advanced engineering has grown significantly.

Even a few years ago, our production facilities were dominated by repeat orders for the forming and casting of stainless-steel tubes; whereas, today, this represents a much smaller part of the business. We will always bring our quality-centric approach to these types of projects but, just like our sister company, CJR Propulsion, we recognise that there is an opportunity for companies, which invest in the right infrastructure and resources, and are willing to take on complex engineering challenges. By leveraging the capabilities of our growing team and utilising the latest software and manufacturing tools, we’re seeing new and existing clients increasingly look to us to identify unique solutions to satisfy ambitious requirements.

A great example is a recent project for an automated passerelle on a large luxury yacht. At over three metres in length, supported by a single anchor point and with limited space for the assembly, the level of engineering complexity was huge. With only eight weeks to deliver this project, a close-working relationship with the client was required. Our in-house team designed an elegant solution that involved the seamless movement of just four core components, all of which were manufactured and post-machined in-house – including cutting 200 mm solid blocks of aluminium with the latest in waterjet technology. The end result, which was delivered on time and budget, marries superyacht aesthetics with commercial grade quality – and the client couldn’t be happier.

The success of this project, and others that have included everything from retractable anchor systems, to restricted height tender launchers, is testament to the capability and experience of the team we have built across the business. Case in point is one of our latest additions. Tobias Kretzschmar has joined us from Rolls Royce and brought with him exceptional design engineering skills, and a critical ability to work collaboratively with clients. His logical, detail-oriented approach to solving multifaceted problems means he is able to rapidly identify the optimal solution, and design the product in a way that can be constructed cost-effectively. His arrival, along with new and existing members of the CJR family, means we are able to challenge for ever-larger projects, whilst maintaining our focus on customer service and rapid turnaround.”