TrialsAPP released at METS 2015

Following excellent feedback from early adopters and repeated requests to make our product even easier to use. CJR has announced its further development of our data acquisition system onto an Android tablet. The new model is now available to buy or hire as part of our consultancy service.

The system can be used to analyse noise and vibration, and provides valuable information about the possible source and cause of unwanted noise.  In addition, TrialsAPP provides general information about yacht performance such as speed, trim angle, heading, and engine RPMs – all utilising the latest GPS technology.

“We knew it was an incredibly valuable and useful tool so it’s come as no surprise to see so many top tier boat builders wishing to purchase their own TrialsAPP, or commissioning our team on a consultancy basis to gather the results and produce accurate reporting. The product has been especially popular with those with a requirement to benchmark boat performance or where a particular vibration issue needs to be identified and isolated,” commented CJR director, Belinda Russell.

“We’ve found the product especially popular with production boat builders who need to know the precise performance credentials for a new vessel. Two top-tier builders have already purchased the system and the feedback has been fantastic.  No other single product on the market is able to gather and collate all the required information in one easy to use device,” Belinda continued.

The system is based on rate gyros, GPS, accelerometers and magnetic field sensors to record every movement of the boat.  As well as accurate position information, the unit is customisable, allowing the monitoring of over 100 other parameters on board. Two vibration sensors, two RPM sensors and a microphone for sound noise level measurements are included as standard, but other sensors can be connected, including temperature and pressure, depending on the client’s requirements.

The unit is small, light and portable, and is very easy to setup and use. The software provided with the system can be installed on a low end laptop with a USB interface.  It produces real time reports in PDF format that can be viewed before the yacht has returned to shore and it completely eliminates the need to use hand written paper sheets during trials.

Download TrialsApp leaflet.

Download TrialsAPP Technical Specification.