Improving sustainability

We’re designing and installing a new system to make our foundry more sustainable.

This includes recycling the sand we use during the casting process. We’ve cut our wastage by 97%, from 300 tonnes a year to just 9 tonnes saving 291 tonnes going to landfill. As well as the impressive reduction in waste, the thermal reclamation process we’re using also improves the quality of the sand meaning better surface finishes. Another knock-on benefit of our new system is lower transportation emissions as we have fewer deliveries and fewer collections of sand.

This investment in machinery is not the only way we can help our customers to meet their targets to improve sustainability. Our technical approach to sterngear design has been shown to help improve fuel economy by 10% and is one of the reasons we’re the supplier for sustainability-conscious builders like Arksen and Sunreef. We’re in the process of moving to a power pack and green electricity to run our foundry and to reduce our energy footprint. We’ve also upgraded our machine filters to exceed HSE guidelines on atomised particles.

We know that improving sustainability matters to our customers and we’re committed to working closely with you to achieve your goals. If you’d like to find out more about we can help you reach your targets, get in touch.