MORE PROJECTS, MORE COMPLEXITY… More satisfied customers

Every year, the projects CJR is asked to work on grows in terms of both physical numbers and complexity. The last 12 months has been no exception, with a broad range of challenging requirements needing to be met across the recreational, commercial and superyacht sectors. Belinda Russell, Director at CJR

Propulsion, explains why it matters: “As a result of our growing reputation, we are increasingly the go-to provider for highly-complex projects, especially anything that requires CFD analysis. We have worked tirelessly to develop this positioning and we’re delighted our ambitious plan to redefine how propulsion systems are designed and manufactured is being so warmly received.

“You only have to look at our recent projects, covering everything from submarines to large ferries, to see that CJR is a step ahead of our competition and we are determined to stay in front.”

CJR projects from the past 12 months

  • 500pairsofpropellersforproduction motoryacht builders in the UK, Italy, Middle East, Poland, Australia, and France
  • 500 complete shaftlines/brackets and rudders to production motoryacht builders
  • 100+ 3D printed patterns
  • 50 complete shaftlines and propellers for superyachts
  • 50 complete sterngear packages to pilot and patrol boats
  •  25 complete sterngear packages to fast ferries
  • 12 propellers for contra-rotating pod drive systems
  •  10 Lateral Vibration Analyses
  • 10 Computation Fluid Dynamics Studies
  • 6 submarine propellers
  • And… one six-blade propeller for a hydrofoil