While there may be other 3D scanning and reverse engineering providers available, it’s CJR’s experience in performance-oriented marine propulsion that ensures we understand how 3D scanning is applied to your project. In addition to 3D scanning and reverse engineering, it is our ability to manage every requirement in-house that truly makes us a unique, full-service partner, with the ability to supply bespoke propellers within 14 days.

What is 3D laser scanning and how is it used?

CJR’s 3D laser scanners are hand-held, tri-dimensional measurement devices that we use to accurately capture three-dimensional objects. Their portable nature means we can travel to you and once a scan is complete, the data is immediately sent to our CFD department in the UK, where it is analysed and the required, mirrored design created in a matter of hours.

3D scanners can be used to get complete or partial 3D measurements of any physical object, with the scanner producing a digital, high-density mesh that highly accurate and notably more precise than traditional measurement devices (rulers, calipers, micrometers, etc.)

CJR’s experience and expertise allow us to leverage this scan data and apply it efficiently and effectively to marine applications for motor yachts, superyachts or commercial vessels.  Physically scanning objects in 3D is not difficult, however, knowing how to apply that data to meet your requirements is the expertise that we provide.

Overall, 3D scanning bridges the gap between existing objects in the real world and the digital environment and is the most effective tool to ensure a precise recreation of an existing product.  The marine industry can directly benefit from this with a faster return to service, improved quality and product performance.

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Rapid Design and Manufacturing for Propellers

CJR has recently launched a rapid turnaround service offering bespoke, fully optimised Class-S propellers in just 14 days or less. Designed for propellers up to 1500mm in diameter, our replacement propeller services can save as much as three months from the typical replacement timeline. For more information, visit our dedicated Rapid Turnaround page.

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