CJR PROPULSION APPOINTS: Alex Stevens as new global Technical Sales Manager

CJR is pleased to announce the appointment of Alex Stevens as the group’s new Technical Sales Manager. Alex will be responsible for global sales growth for both the CJR Propulsion and CJR Fabrication brands, working across the superyacht, recreational and commercial marine markets.

With well over a decade of technical and engineering experience, Alex will be required to utilise his extensive knowledge to bridge the gap between internal/external engineering teams and the end customer, ensuring the design and manufacturing process is as seamless as possible. As CJR Managing Director, Mark Russell, explains:

“In today’s highly competitive environment, simply having well-designed, accurately manufactured products isn’t enough. You also need top quality people who have an in-depth understanding of what the customer needs, and the ability to provide the appropriate level of customer service. Only by investing in the right people will CJR continue to be the preferred choice for customers and boatbuilders throughout the world.

Effectively, it’s about making sure the customer is fully informed at all times and has exactly what they need, when they need it. Alex, with an impressive 15-year career in the marine industry, is perfectly suited to helping us deliver on these objectives. His technical understanding will enable us to get closer to our customers and will help us solidify our reputation as the industry’s knowledge leaders.”

Prior to joining CJR, Alex held a number of notable roles around the globe, gaining experience within defence, commercial and recreational marine markets. He started his professional career with BMT, where he spent three years as a naval architect working on defence and commercial craft in both the UK and UAE. He then spent two years working with a propulsion company before joining Princess Yachts in 2005, where he reached the position of Head of Engineering and Quality for the luxury marque.

“Throughout my career I sought to work with businesses and brands that recognised the importance of improving quality standards by utilising the latest available approaches to vessel design and engineering. CJR is the personification of that philosophy, investing in every area where better technical understanding can deliver a better product. I now look forward to working closely with CJR’s internal departments, using my qualifications and knowledge to assist effective communication and be a conduit between boatbuilders, customers and design teams, each with different levels of understanding.”