CJR announces its latest arrivals

For CJR, investing in the latest design and production technology is key to expanding the company’s offer and staying ahead of the competition. However, the biggest benefits are reserved for CJR’s customers – enabling the company to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve efficiency.

CJR’s most recent investment is the latest in shaft-turning technology. The multi-axis mill/ turn CNC machining centre gives versatility, high precision and the shortest possible machining cycle times, especially in fine increment programs required for large, complex projects. The machine combines the capabilities of a high-powered turning centre and full-function machining centre to improve production accuracy and increase repeatability through the elimination of multiple set-ups.

The machine is equipped with a custom-made shaft support to ensure easy loading, accuracy and straightness. In addition, cycle times have been reduced by up to 70% and, at the same time, reducing fitting work due to the higher degree of accuracy.

“This latest addition to our manufacturing arsenal has increased our capacity by 60% in shafts up to 100mm. For our production customers, it’s a further demonstration of why CJR is the ideal long-term propulsion partner – able to work on the full range of vessel sizes from small leisure craft to small superyachts,” added Mark Russell, CJR Managing Director.

Key Functions

The multi-axis mill/turn CNC machining centre key functions include:

  • Super high-speed mode helps provide maximum interpolation capabilities
  • High-gain feed-forward control boosts machining speed and accuracy
  • Variable acceleration control calculates optimal acceleration for a combination of axes
  • Intelligent pocket milling engages a high-efficiency toolpath when milling part cavities
  • Smooth corner control makes cutter path adjustments to help shorten cycle times
  • Custom-made shaft support to ensure straightness and accuracy
  • Real-time tuning ensures optimal machining balance as work piece weight changes